Post: ASIC consults on registered liquidator registration guidance

ASIC is seeking feedback from stakeholders including insolvency professionals, their professional bodies and users of the services of registered liquidators on its proposed changes to Regulatory Guide 258 Registered Liquidators: Registration, disciplinary action and insurance requirements (RG 258), issued on 1 March 2017.

The updates will help applicants for all types of liquidator registration to provide appropriate information in their application and prepare for their interview with a committee. It will also help registered liquidators who attend a disciplinary committee to better understand the process. The updates reflect changes to the legislative framework and the experiences of registered liquidators and applicants since 2017, including through the decisions of each registration and disciplinary committee.

In addition to the proposed changes to RG 258, the following documents have also been updated:

Senior level employment history template; and
Guide to personal and resource capacities.
This is the second of three registered liquidator and insolvency-related regulatory guides being updated. In September 2023, we consulted on proposed changes to Regulatory Guide 217 Duty to prevent insolvent trading: Guide for directors (RG 217), and are currently considering the feedback. This year, we also plan to consult on proposed changes to Regulatory Guide 16 External administrators – Reporting and lodging (RG 16).

Providing feedback
Feedback on the proposals, our draft guidance, and the additional documents and templates is welcome. Email your feedback to [email protected] by 5pm on 2 May 2024. Your feedback will be considered when finalising RG 258.

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