Post: ESMA seeks experts for new Consultative Working Groups under its Risk Committee

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s financial markets regulator and supervisor, is seeking candidates for its two Consultative Working Groups (CWG) of the Risk Standing Committee (RSC).

The first CWG will support the Investor Trends and Research Working Group (IRWG) of the RSC and has a focus on consumers, ESG and innovation related topics. We are hence looking for experts in the fields of consumers, ESG and innovation.
The second CWG supports the Financial Stability and Risk Monitoring Working Group (FRWG) of the RSC and has a focus on topics related to financial stability and orderly markets.
Both CWGs will have approximately 20 members, selected for a renewable term of three years.

We are inviting experts from the following areas to apply for CWG membership: financial market participants/financial services’ intermediaries; representatives of retail investors; users of financial services; and academics.

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