Post: Former Leighton executive found guilty

Following a five-week trial in the District Court of NSW, Mr Peter Alan Gregg of Pyrmont, NSW has been found guilty of criminal charges brought by ASIC. The jury gave its verdict today in the District Court in Sydney.

Mr Gregg was found guilty of two counts of contravening section 1307(1) of the Corporations Act 2001. The jury found that Mr Gregg, a former director and chief financial officer of Leighton Holdings Ltd (LHL), had engaged in conduct which resulted in the falsification of LHL’s books.

Mr Russell John Waugh, of Maylands, Western Australia, the former managing director of Leighton Welspun Contractors Pvt Ltd, was found not guilty of one count of aiding and abetting the commission of an offence by Mr Gregg under s1307(1).

Mr Gregg was bailed to appear before the District Court on 31 January 2019.

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