Post: Western Australian directors convicted for failing to have director identification numbers

Two Western Australian directors have been convicted in the Perth Magistrates Court and fined $5,000 each for failing to comply with director identification requirements.

Alexander Henry was convicted ex-parte on 3 May 2024 of contravening section 1272C(2) of the Corporations Act 2001 for failing to have a director identification number. Mr Henry is a director of Global Material Solutions Australia Pty Ltd, Alex Henry Holdings Pty Ltd, Duke Shipping Containers Pty Ltd and AII Australia Pty Ltd.

Luke David Mason was also convicted ex-parte on 3 May 2024 at the Perth Magistrates Court for the same offence. Mr Mason is a director of LDM (WA) Pty Ltd and LDM Corporate Enterprises Pty Ltd.

Magistrate Crawford SM remarked that the new Director ID scheme had been enacted for a proper public purpose and considerable efforts had been made by relevant government agencies to bring the accused’s attention to the scheme and obtain compliance.

Mr Henry and Mr Mason were each fined $5,000, plus costs in the sum of $171.71.

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