Post: Former Queensland financial adviser Brett Gordon banned following fraud conviction

ASIC has permanently banned former Sunshine Coast financial adviser Brett Andrew Gordon from providing financial services and engaging in credit activities after he was convicted of fraud offences.

Mr Gordon was a financial adviser and director of Refocus Financial Group Pty Ltd. Between 2015 and 2018, he dishonestly used funds deposited by clients for property development purposes to pay personal debts and expenses and Refocus business expenses.

Following an ASIC investigation, Mr Gordon pleaded guilty to nine counts of fraud totalling $652,500 and was sentenced to six years imprisonment, with parole eligibility after 18 months (23-105MR).

Under the Corporations Act and the National Consumer Credit Protection Act, ASIC may permanently ban a person from the financial services and credit industries if they are convicted of fraud. Consequently, based on his conviction, Mr Gordon has been banned permanently.

The ban prohibits Mr Gordon from:

Providing any financial services and engaging in any credit activities;
Controlling an entity that carries on a financial services business or engages in credit activities; and
Performing any function involved in carrying on a financial services business or engaging in credit activities, including as an officer, manager, employee or contractor.
Mr Gordon’s ban is recorded in ASIC’s Banned and Disqualified Register.

Mr Gordon has the right to appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for a review of ASIC’s decision. 

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